How We Began

MoveUp Consulting was founded by Winston Davis in order to provide proven service options to moving company owners in order to develop the business of their dreams. A business that owners could be proud of, that they could scale and grow to the level of their ambitions.

Throughout obtaining his degree, he spent 3 years outside of classes doing eCommerce sales recruiting. 

After earning a degree in Exercise Science and competing in collegiate cross country and track & field,

Winston started in the moving business involved in a franchised moving & junk hauling company in one of their Northern Virginia locations. He specialized in the sales and marketing efforts of the location developing systems and workflows to grow that location’s sales from $670k to $1.2M in just a short couple years. After some time, he decided to take his experiences and skills to start his own enterprise within the industry to share the knowledge and perspectives he had learned. 

Along the way he has built new systems and services that have never been offered before to companies in the moving industry. One of which is MoveUp’s flagship service, their hiring and recruiting system, the second being their system builder service.

What Do We Do?

MoveUp Consulting offers proven systems and models of services in order to scale and grow moving businesses. The Hiring and Recruiting System and System Builder are their two main flagship services. In order to build a multi-million dollar moving business it will take developing reliable and trustworthy positions in your organization as well as constantly building and improving quality systems for those key staff members to execute.

MoveUp also offers Key Employee Group Coaching for moving businesses across the globe. This is an opportunity for companies to plug their leadership and management team members into a development program created for the industry. This is the perfect program for Operations Managers, Dispatchers, Office Managers, Inside Sales Reps, Estimators, CSRs, and General Managers.

There are select opportunities to obtain Private Coaching with Winston Davis, the founder of MoveUp. This can entail advisory and counsel on any area of the business along with access to his network of trusted professionals within the industry. Private coaching is custom built for each client based on the needs and problems the owner or principal is facing. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of each bad hire can equal 30% of that individual’s annual earnings. Take a mover that works 30 hrs/week making $15/hr making $22,500 annually. In reality it would cost you $29,250 for that person not being the right person in your organization. How does this number get created? Well, take the labor you’re paying for hiring activities or your time. Also consider the recruitment marketing dollars spent to bring that new hire in the door. Then consider the money you’re losing by not hiring the right person that would have been making you money.

Why Is This Important To You

Ultimately, the main issue moving companies have is that they do not have enough quality processes and systems in place to run their business. Without these systems in place, you as the owner make EVERY decision. And every time you have to make a decision then that is time and effort (physically and mentally) that takes away from the creative state of building your moving business. By the end of the day you are exhausted and tapped leaving no time for scaling the company.

The reason we started MoveUp Consulting was to offer real solutions to moving company owners. To offer a proven system and model in these hot spot areas so you as an owner could live the life you intended and build the business of your dreams.