Headhunter Recruiting

Recruiting and Hiring for 1-2 Upper Level Positions

Designed for ANY company at ANY size and for ANY position!!

Positions like: Managing Partner, Administration, Sales Team, Sales Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager, etc.

so, lets give them a good one! 😎

Headhunting Recruiting features:

Corporate ZipRecruiter Resume Database

ZipRecruiter Resume Database to find qualified job seekers to send SMS & Email communications and categorize by position labels. Advanced Boolean search features on key words, resume freshness, location & past employers.

Indeed Resume Management and Keyword Authorization

Scrub and filter Indeed Resume Database to find qualified job seekers to send outbound emails to and categorize in project folders. Advanced Boolean search features on key words, past employers, last resume updated activity and job position titles.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

The preferred recruiting and search tool for white-collar business professionals online. This tool allows us to send messages to qualified applicants for sales, management & admin roles.

Digital Employee Referral System

Monthly automated SMS messages notifying current staff members about employee referral programs. Customizable for any bonus program and runs once per month to attract more referrals!

Expert Job Ad Management and Copywriting

Manage all job ads and perform all creative copy writing for ad setup. Convert all applicants to the Hiring CRM platform.

Facebook Groups Posting

Sharing and posting of job position across multiple industry-related and local Facebook groups.

Database Reactivation

SMS retargeting campaigns to past job applicants that have been produced by your online job ads on places like Indeed, Facebook, ZipRecruiter, etc.

Hiring Analytics

Dashboard access to hiring data on number of applicants, appointments set, and hires. Also provides a lead source breakdown.

Monthly Review Calls

Zoom or phone call once per month with our team to discuss how to improve your hiring, recruiting, and retention!

Hiring CRM Database

CRM database specifically built custom for hiring and recruiting talent. Be able to manage all applicants and resumes in one place. Houses recruiting database for all positions.

Omni Communications Channel

Allows for clients to listen back to any phone calls and read SMS or emails between us and job candidates.

Interview Confirmation System

Two automated SMS reminders 24 hrs & 5 minutes (check-in message) before job interviews and a manual phone call the morning of the appointment.

Interview Screening Form

Proven and tested interview tool to gauge quality and find out pertinent information about candidates.

Job Candidate Nurturing

SMS campaigns to retarget & nurture applicants who've been in the system and have not responded.

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Results 🔥

Hear from some of our clients:

“[Working with MoveUp Consulting has] allowed us to automate our hiring process… and never really have to worry about capacity issues. We can scale up when we need to and… keep our trucks making money.”

— Chris Shipp, Mentors Moving & Storage, Bakersfield, CA

“Working with Winston has been fantastic, they’re always super responsive whenever I have a question, or if I need to switch gears, or I have a different type of hire… not just movers, they’re able to get that out for me really quick…and get some hires! Highly recommend!”

— Tim Krupp, Krupp Moving and Storage, Wooster, OH

Companies that have used this service:

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