Hiring Lead Generation

Mover & Driver Hiring Leads
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Hiring Lead Generation (Companies $750k or Less)

Done WITH You Model: We do ALL the sourcing of the leads; YOU call & screen them

The Hiring System (Companies Over $1M)

 Done FOR You Model: Lead Gen + Call Center Screening + Retention Support

Hiring Lead Generation features:

Linkedin Sales Navigator

The preferred recruiting and search tool for white-collar business professionals online. This tool allows us to send messages to qualified applicants for sales, management & admin roles.

Craigslist Master Account

All in one account for making job and gig listing posts and crafting those ads to stack up and compare to all moving companies in our network for full optimization!

Digital Employee Referral System

Monthly automated SMS messages notifying current staff members about employee referral programs. Customizable for any bonus program and runs once per month to attract more referrals!

Local Tracking Phone Number

We'll purchase a local area code phone line for your account in our Hiring CRM so we can list it on any online presence as well as make outbound calls with it! This allows applicants to text-to-apply straight into the CRM!

Social Recruiting Posts

Employer branded posts on Facebook Business page every week. Embedded with fast app qualifying form, tracking CRM phone number & Facebook job ad listing.

Fast App Screening Form

Proven and tested interview tool to gauge quality and find out pertinent information about candidates. 100% customizable for any position and every company!

Corporate ZipRecruiter Resume Database

ZipRecruiter Resume Database to find qualified job seekers to send SMS & Email communications and categorize by position labels. Advanced Boolean search features on key words, resume freshness, location & past employers.

Indeed Resume Management and Keyword Authorization

Scrub and filter Indeed Resume Database to find qualified job seekers to send outbound emails to and categorize in project folders. Advanced Boolean search features on key words, past employers, last resume updated activity and job position titles.

Facebook Paid Advertisement Campaigns

The premier way to run paid advertising on Facebook through business manager. We manage all the ad spend, create the ads, track the analytics & even create the ad content!

Expert Job Ad Management and Copywriting

Manage all job ads and perform all creative copy writing for ad setup. Convert all applicants to the Hiring CRM platform.

Hear from some of our clients:

“When I started working with Winston, we were doing about $15,000/month in revenue, and now we average about $200,000/month in revenue first year in business…”

— Chris Sweet, Swamp Rabbit Moving, Charleston, SC

“Winston changed my business… really took the stress off my company a lot and really directed us in a good way and made a huge impact on my business.”

— Steve Reed, Big League Movers, Memphis, TN

Results You Can Expect!!!

42 New Hiring Leads in 14 Days for Fast Fietz Moving in Texas!

116 New Hiring Leads in Less Than 30 Days for No Problem Express LLC in New Jersey!

181 New Hiring Leads in 14 Days for Off-Load Moving in Virginia!!

The System Follows Up with Candidates and Works for You!