Our Hiring System has three core pieces:

1) Lead Generation: 100% done for you candidate sourcing and recruiting!

2) Qualification: dedicated account manager who screens and qualifies all applicants for you!

3) Retention & Culture: whole back end online course system to help with building great teams!

We have a strategy and system that’s all about Recruiting Year-Round & Building A Massive Pipeline. We believe if we can get the correct number of applicants in the top of the funnel, then we’ll get the desired end result: Great Hires!

Our philosophy is this: Put Statistics In Our Favor!

Lead Generation

Facebook Paid Advertisement Campaigns

The premier way to run paid advertising on Facebook through business manager. We manage all the ad spend, create the ads, track the analytics & even create the ad content!

Expert Job Ad Management and Copywriting

Manage all job ads and perform all creative copy writing for ad setup. Convert all applicants to the Hiring CRM platform.

Corporate ZipRecruiter Resume Database

ZipRecruiter Resume Database to find qualified job seekers to send SMS & Email communications and categorize by position labels. Advanced Boolean search features on key words, resume freshness, location & past employers.

Indeed Resume Management and Keyword Authorization

Scrub and filter Indeed Resume Database to find qualified job seekers to send outbound emails to and categorize in project folders. Advanced Boolean search features on key words, past employers, last resume updated activity and job position titles.

Social Recruiting Posts

Employer branded posts on Facebook Business page every week. Embedded with fast app qualifying form, tracking CRM phone number & Facebook job ad listing.

Fast App Screening Form

Proven and tested interview tool to gauge quality and find out pertinent information about candidates. 100% customizable for any position and every company!

Local Tracking Phone Number

We'll purchase a local area code phone line for your account in our Hiring CRM so we can list it on any online presence as well as make outbound calls with it! This allows applicants to text-to-apply straight into the CRM!

Digital Employee Referral System

Monthly automated SMS messages notifying current staff members about employee referral programs. Customizable for any bonus program and runs once per month to attract more referrals!

Linkedin Sales Navigator

The preferred recruiting and search tool for white-collar business professionals online. This tool allows us to send messages to qualified applicants for sales, management & admin roles.

Craigslist Master Account

All in one account for making job and gig listing posts and crafting those ads to stack up and compare to all moving companies in our network for full optimization!


How many leads do you need to generate to hire one great employee? 20? 50??

Well, here’s an example of the Average Attrition Rate:


You get a dedicated Account Manager who follows up, screens & qualifies all your job applicants during business hours Monday-Friday! Our Account Managers work within 3-4 person teams for coverage so we never miss a beat! 

Let’s meet the team!

Our next philosophy is having a sales mentality and follow-up with our hiring

Our phone interviews are in-depth and consist of 15-20 questions to qualify candidates thoroughly! 

To go a step EVEN further, we can recruit and screen for ALL positions, not just movers & drivers!

Hiring CRM Built for Moving Companies

CRM database specifically built custom for hiring and recruiting talent in the moving industry. Be able to manage all applicants and resumes in one place. Houses recruiting database for all positions.

Pipeline Nurture Systems

Fully built out pipeline to sort, screen & organize all candidate situations! The most intensive tool to build a recruiting database!

Sales Mentality Hiring

Expert lead follow-up & management system. We follow up on each lead 3-4 times via phone call, text & email and get to new applicants within a couple hours or sooner!

SMS & Email Drip Campaigns

SMS & email campaigns to retarget & nurture applicants who've been in the system and have not responded. Automation tools pre-built to compliment the Account Manager's aggressive phone touches!

Once we’ve found a candidate that checks all the boxes, we’ll schedule an in-person interview locally for you and your team!


We EVEN do a 3-point appointment confirmation system:

  1. Automated text 24 hours before interview
  2. Personal phone call evening or morning before interview
  3. Automated check-in text 5 minutes before interview

You get notified of the result of our confirmation phone call so you know who’s coming and who isn’t for interviews!

Qualified Candidates Right To Your Door Step! After You Interview Them, You Choose What You Want To Do From There! Your Call!

Hear from some of our clients:

“When I started working with Winston, we were doing about $15,000/month in revenue, and now we average about $200,000/month in revenue first year in business…”

— Chris Sweet, Swamp Rabbit Moving, Charleston, SC

“Winston changed my business… really took the stress off my company a lot and really directed us in a good way and made a huge impact on my business.”

— Steve Reed, Big League Movers, Memphis, TN

We’ll leverage a combination of personal consultation + access to our online education platform!


Mixed together our mission to not just help you get new hires, but to stack and grow your team with a proper foundation!

Monthly Review Calls

Zoom or phone call once per month with our team to discuss how to improve your hiring, recruiting, and retention!

Monthly Recruiting Statistics Report

We'll send out monthly recruiting statistics reports for your business that you can track and analyze!

Moving Team Master Plan Online Courses

We're going to give you access to all our online courses with the Moving Team Master Plan bundle ($1997 value)! These courses will walk you through EXACTLY how to perform great in-person interviews, give effective offers, onboard new hires, utilize retention systems & build a magnetic culture!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll schedule your onboarding session when you sign up for the service. The onboarding usually lasts 30-45 minutes, then we’ll take 2 business days to get everything up and running. From there, you’ll be able to start seeing interviews within about a week!

Great question! We have a policy where we don’t sign up more than one client in a market unless the county population is over 1 million.

When it comes to recruiting, our philosophy is to do everything and track the lead acquisition cost to find out where the best places to invest resources are. We’ll leverage all the major job boards like Indeed, Facebook, ZipRecruiter & Craigslist. We also have corporate accounts with Indeed and ZipRecruiter where we can pay money to do advanced searches in their resume databases to find qualified leads to target. We have a digital referral system we implement with clients to boost referrals from your guys. We’ll run paid ads on Facebook through business manager for recruiting specifically and we manage all of that for you. The other big difference in what we do is we have a tracking phone number in the CRM we buy that has your area code. We embed that number on all our ads and have it say “For serious applicants ONLY: Text us the number 1 reason we should hire you.” We also have a fast application link on our ads that candidates can move more quickly through the hiring process with. We get a lot of candidates that will text or do the fast application but not traditionally apply online. All of these combined help produce qualified candidates.

On average, our clients spend between $800 – $1200 per month on advertising for recruiting. That number can fluctuate up and down with the demand you need for hiring. For instance, during the winter slow season we’ll drop that down, but during April through July it will be higher.

When we take on a new client, we also take on a new employee generally with an Account Manager or scaling up with our admin staff! We have different term & price options that fit all businesses!