Finding quality movers … it’s tough, I know. The first step is actually getting people in the door and then it’s getting the RIGHT people in the door.

However, what I have learned after working with dozens of moving companies is most of the time their hiring efforts are weak because their process and system is weak.

The truth is most owners either A) don’t have enough time to perform these tasks effectively themselves, or B) don’t have the monetary budget to pay an HR person to perform these tasks. Tough pickle … So here’s how we may be able to help you:

We offer a hiring and screening service where you as the owner/management are able to delegate this part of the business out to a team that is specialized in recruiting and hiring movers and support staff at moving companies!

So, here’s everything we do for you:

  • Dedicated Account Manager who screens and qualifies job candidates for you!
  • Design and write all creative ad copy for job ads
  • Post and manage all online hiring ads
  • Bring to you the latest and best ways to recruit for the moving industry and craft a specific plan for your business
  • Scrub resume databases on job boards to find qualified job candidates for our team to contact for you
  • Access to a high-functioning hiring CRM to build your recruiting database
  • Interview appointment confirmation system with multiple SMS and manual phone call made to every job candidate
  • Book and schedule in-person interviews straight into your calendar for you!
  • Ability to recruit and hire for EVERY position in your company!
  • Equip and help train you on how to run the most effective in-person interview 
  • Client review calls every 2-4 weeks in order to ALWAYS be communicating on what your team needs
  • Ongoing consultative advice on building long-lasting culture at your company


All you have to do as the owner is pick the times you want interviews set in your calendar and conduct the in-person interview. We’ll take care of the rest.

The most important part of recruiting and hiring is timeliness and consistency. Because we are so diligent and skilled in this area we are able to help get you results that you may not have been able to otherwise.

And here’s the big point: What’s a Rockstar Hire worth to you?

Well in reality, the average 3-man crew and a truck generates $300k – $450k in gross sales per year … so I guess that’s what it’s worth!